Drawing on textiles | Collection 4 | Beautiful Machinations

"In my dreams, I encountered that green devil, but he wasn't endearing in the least. He remained silent and I just observed his machinations."

“Machinations” is a word found in The Wild Sheep book by H. Murakami. (p. 190 when the main protagonist falls asleep in the cinema)

Beautiful Machinations is a wall-hanging, an abstract visual essay of a life story observed. The narrative paints fractions of an old man's life. The man's figure is a vaguely formed graphic line; it transforms into a collection of shapes and combinations – complex events and circumstances. Repetition and imprints illustrate the old man's small room, his future money plans, dreams he drank away, and his long/short life – beautiful machinations.

Drawn using ink and brushes on mixed textiles, silk twirl and linen.